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Cambridge English essay competition 

Cambridge English essay competition  

This competition offers an amazing opportunity for students to issue their thoughts and showcase their knowledge. Highly educated and valued professors have chosen a variety of topics in which really everyone can find something for themselves. 

The essay topics cover a wide range of disciplines and thought-provoking questions; delveing into the intersection of religion and politics, questioning the persistence of religion in a secular world.  

  • the debate on prison abolitionism challenges notions of justice and punishment within the criminal justice system
  • AI raises questions about its impact on beauty standards and societal inequalities. 
  • business and investment delve into the consequences of overvalued startups on competition and the economy.
  • genetics explores the ethical implications of gene therapy as a medical approach. 
  • neuroengineering questions the boundaries between humans and machines and the implications for human enhancement and immortality.
  • and many more
In case of any questions, please contact Karolína Maťková in II.B or Zlata Votchenikova in IB DP1. 

If assistance is needed, contact Ms. Latková (via Teams or in person). You can also use her as the school contact when submitting your essays :)
Name: Mgr. Simona Latková
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