Admissions Announcement


Dear internal and external applicants,

We are pleased to announce the opening of the admission process for students to apply for full-time IB DP studies.  You can apply to take the entrance exams until 10.06.2022.

  1. First, read the IB Admissions Policy (Pravidlá prijímania) on our school website in English or in Slovak (Handbook for Parents in Slovak)
  2. Fill out the Application Form for taking the IB DP entrance exams. The form is here.
  3. The exams will be held on 16.06.2022 at 8.30
  • 8.30 to 10.00 - English exam
  • 10.00 -10.20 - break
  • 10.20-12.00 - Mathematics
  1. The second part of the exam process is an interview to be conducted on 20.06.2022. Candidates must be familiar with and be able to talk about the following:
  • IB DP Learner´s Profile attributes
  • Approaches to Learning (ATL skills)
  • Subject choices in the IB DP in general and of the applicant in particular

To learn more about the IBO requirements, you can consult the school website or/and click on the following links:

The exam results will be declared after the school has been authorized as an IB World School. (late June 22)

Upon passing the exams, an enrollment contract will be signed by the student’s legal guardian(s) and the school’s administration.

If any further information is required, don’t hesitate to email the DP Coordinator, Svetlana Veselová, at

*  Pre-choice of subjects’ form is here.  Send it to the e-mail address

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