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Lukáš Migaš, študent IV.C (gym) sa v marci aktívne zapojil do medzinárodného projektu European People. Po skončení projektu sme dostali na neho a jeho spoluprácu nasledujúce pozitívne referencie J

Dear Professor Hruskova,

I am Tommaso Borzacchini and I am working as a tutor at European People. Our association organizes simulations of the United Nations (EMUN) and the European Parliament (IMEP).

One of your students, Lukáš Andrej Migaš, who provided me with your contact, has taken part in the latter. This is to inform you that his work has been outstanding from the beginning to the end. I am impressed by his commitment and involvement into the project and I can tell he took the leadership of his working group. He was not afraid to speak up during formal sessions and everyone else has easily gotten along with him. His English level is also high. He has never hesitated to join the debates and express his point of view. The EP staff is really proud of him. He has also been awarded with an honorable mention for his commitment and performance. I am sure his attitude will lead him far in his future life. 

Yours sincerely,

Tommaso Borzacchini


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