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Our students received The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award


Eight of our nine successful students received The Duke of Edinburgh‘s International Award last Tuesday (9 October, 2018). The award (or simply DofE) is an internationally recognized award the acquisition of which is preceded by long-term and hardworking fulfilment of various challenges. We started this program only last year in our school, so we are really happy to see that nine of our first participants successfully finished the programme.

Eight of our nine successful participants received the award in a ceremony which took place in Stará tržnica. Except for students, our school was represented there also by our two teachers Mr. Ján Gonda and Mr. Martin Sabo. As it was by far the largest ceremony in Slovakia, it was realized according to a new model (group model) – in the same way as they give participants the awards in the Buckingham Palace.

DofE programme is still quite new in Slovakia, but a lot of people is already realizing its potencial and meaning for young people. That is why it is also promoted by various celebrities or chiefs of important companies. The whole ceremony was organized under the auspices of Mr. Andrew Garth, the British Ambassador in Slovakia. Our students received the award from the hands of Mr. Andrej Juris, the head of ZSE company. Except of him there were for example Michal Štencel from Sygic, Pavel Trenka from HB Reavis, Anna Symingtom-Maar from Teach For Slovakia and many others. The ceremony was covered by various media, TV TA3 news also glimpsed our students.

Congratulations to our successful students!

Bronze Level was finished by:

  • Nina Kovácsová (V.C)
  • Tereza Votavová (V.C)
  • Tomáš Sákal (V.C)
  • Nicol Kubíčková (IV.D)
  • Ľubica Luščanová (III.B)
  • Mirka Hargašová (II.D)
  • Michaela Zavacká (II.D)
  • Matúš Zavacký (IV.B)
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